The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum

Times are tough everywhere but life in an Armenian village is especially difficult. The able-bodied men have gone to Russia or Ukraine for work. They send home what money they can but it’s not enough and the “heavy lifting” of village life falls to the women, elderly and children that are left behind. Women for Development, NGO (WFD),* a non-governmental organization with which I am working, has an idea to change this. Read More…


There’s No Such Thing As A Free Holiday?

To me, a holiday is a free day; a day away from school or work. If you’re lucky, it’s a paid holiday. Americans celebrate religious and cultural holidays. Read More…

Timeless and Universal

Sunset looking across back yard to the side street

Sunset looking across back yard to the side street

We are clearing the table and washing the dinner dishes. I hear them outside. Playing. Read More…

Tatik Wisdom

I have heard that Gyumretsi (people from Gyumri) love to joke. I found out firsthand and was a willing participant. Read More…

I Hate Roller Coasters

I cried.  I still am (sort of). You see, I don’t let myself cry. Not since ending my marriage.
OK, well, not since November 2011.
It’s not that I don’t ever feel like crying; because I do. I just don’t allow the tears. It’s unproductive. Read More…

Only the Good Die Young

I didn’t know Jeff. We met several times at parties, card games and book release gatherings. He was a close friend of my son’s. Nonetheless, I am heartbroken. My deepest sympathies are with Jeff’s parents, family, friends and colleagues.

Beyond the shock of the horrible accident though, Read More…

On This Day

One year ago today, 31 American volunteers arrived in Armenia. Thirty of us completed Peace Corps training. In the time that’s past… Read More…

In a Word: Neighborliness

This was a weekend of seemingly endless travel. I spent over 6 hours in trains, close to 10 hours in a bus and countless hours walking. May 1st is Labor Day in Armenia and elsewhere Read More…

1 Year Shy of 100

I don’t know when I first became enlightened about the Holocaust; probably not until 8th grade. I attended a parochial school through 7th grade, where we kids were as diverse as our uniforms; in a word, “not!” Read More…

Not a Casual Observer

My Eastern Armenian language skills are limited. With prep (read: writing a script from which to read), I can usually get what or to where I need. But for minute to minute living, I must pay attention to visual cues. This is an important skill, especially as a pedestrian. Read More…

On The Road

Armenian Wanderer: On The Roads of Dharma


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Eurasia Days

A journal about my Peace Corps experience in Armenia. The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

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Bobbie's Armenian Adventure With Peace Corps


Bobbie's Armenian Adventure With Peace Corps