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Leaving On a Jet Plane



I pay attention to the time. For me, being “on time” is actually arriving about 10 minutes early. Read More…


Uncomfortable In My Own Clothes: Part 1

(Written 4/6/2014 but not posted until now.)
Since college, every vacation I’ve taken to visit family requires a weight gain. My last vacation was no exception. The clothes I had taken in (after living in Armenia for 3 months) and again became too large, now fit. Read More…

“You are Armenian now,”

…she said with a smile.
She is a beneficiary in one of my NGOs’ projects. And the Armenian to whom she referred, is me. Read More…

Timeless and Universal

Sunset looking across back yard to the side street

Sunset looking across back yard to the side street

We are clearing the table and washing the dinner dishes. I hear them outside. Playing. Read More…

Tatik Wisdom

I have heard that Gyumretsi (people from Gyumri) love to joke. I found out firsthand and was a willing participant. Read More…

New Year’s Is a 4-Day Affair

Pork in salt brine

Pork in salt brine

Depending on what you are serving, food preparation for Nor Tari takes weeks or months. Read More…

December 25th Is Not Christmas

Unless you are Catholic, not Apostolic (and few are), you will celebrate Christmas on January 6th. One of the NGOs I work with is Catholic and our last work day was December 24. But, Read More…

Remember and Celebrate

Americans mark anniversaries; the happy as well as sad. But here in Gyumri, the 25th anniversary of the Spitak earthquake on 7 December 1988 just quietly slipped by. Read More…

You’re Lucky If

It has been raining in Gyumri for most of the past week. Sometimes, like last night, it rains overnight stopping just before I leave for work. Other times it drizzles most of the day with intermittent showers. It is muddy outside and chilly inside. Even so, there are things for which to be grateful. Read More…

On The Road

Armenian Wanderer: On The Roads of Dharma


Pairing Volunteers With International Non-Profits In Need

Eurasia Days

A journal about my Peace Corps experience in Armenia. The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

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Bobbie's Armenian Adventure With Peace Corps


Bobbie's Armenian Adventure With Peace Corps