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Leaving On a Jet Plane



I pay attention to the time. For me, being “on time” is actually arriving about 10 minutes early. Read More…


Uncomfortable In My Own Clothes: Part 2

What Will Fit?
I have a finite number of train trips (or other modes of transit) to Yerevan. Though I have not attempted to count them, Read More…

Uncomfortable In My Own Clothes: Part 1

(Written 4/6/2014 but not posted until now.)
Since college, every vacation I’ve taken to visit family requires a weight gain. My last vacation was no exception. The clothes I had taken in (after living in Armenia for 3 months) and again became too large, now fit. Read More…

The Final Four

Winter in this part of Armenia can last for 6 months. It did last year, but not this. As I ride the train to Yerevan, the snow is mostly gone from the hills, except for the highest elevations. Read More…

“You are Armenian now,”

…she said with a smile.
She is a beneficiary in one of my NGOs’ projects. And the Armenian to whom she referred, is me. Read More…

Armenian Economic Development Project Update, Week 3

On November 6th, six women arrived at the Women for Development, NGO office to be briefed on the training and expectations of them as project participants. Read More…

“Never doubt…

…that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Read More…

915,000 AMD

That’s $2,231.71. It’s a lot of money with the power to change whole villages.
Women for Development NGO,* an Armenian “nonprofit,” has a mission. Among other things, WFD’s projects focus on implementing poverty reduction in Armenia through economic development.

Read More…

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum

Times are tough everywhere but life in an Armenian village is especially difficult. The able-bodied men have gone to Russia or Ukraine for work. They send home what money they can but it’s not enough and the “heavy lifting” of village life falls to the women, elderly and children that are left behind. Women for Development, NGO (WFD),* a non-governmental organization with which I am working, has an idea to change this. Read More…

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Holiday?

To me, a holiday is a free day; a day away from school or work. If you’re lucky, it’s a paid holiday. Americans celebrate religious and cultural holidays. Read More…

On The Road

Armenian Wanderer: On The Roads of Dharma


Pairing Volunteers With International Non-Profits In Need

Eurasia Days

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Bobbie's Armenian Adventure With Peace Corps


Bobbie's Armenian Adventure With Peace Corps