Armenian Economic Development Project Update, Week 3

On November 6th, six women arrived at the Women for Development, NGO office to be briefed on the training and expectations of them as project participants.

This woman picked a “no” slip and the woman in the upper right corner got the “yes.”

Ayo/Voch, which will it be?

Three of the women already knew they would be participants. The other 3 women came from the same village, knowing that only 1 of them could be chosen. After hearing about what we expected and what they could expect from us, we still had 3 interested women from Arpeni village. So, the “luck of the draw” was how our 4th participant was chosen.
(This woman picked a “no” slip but is paying her own way.)


5 of these women are attending the training +2 more.

On November 15th seven women arrived at Fes House to register for their 1st day of class. Yes, 7! Although the project, is covering the cost of 4 participants (1/village), there were 3 others that wanted the training as well.


2014.12.01 ASetOfSupplies

A set of tools also includes 2 brushes and a cape for the client.

After 3 weeks, the participants’ feedback is extremely positive. They are thrilled with the instructor* and very pleased with the training so far. Even though they are in the “theory” portion of their instruction, we needed to buy some of the supplies for which we budgeted. We bought 4 sets of tools, which the supply house graciously discounted so we could stay within our budget.
*Note: Gogi is a well respected and accomplished Gyumri hairdresser.


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4 responses to “Armenian Economic Development Project Update, Week 3”

  1. Don Nekrosius says :

    Dear Bobbie,

    One never thinks that a gig in the Peace Corps leads you to the beauty salon, but clearly these women are ready to dive in and learn. I must say, from a male American aesthetic, these women look quite formidable. And I note that you are the only one wearing sensible shoes. With a strong purpose and a worthy instructor, they will create a livelihood and that will be a significant legacy of your work.
    Happy Holidays to you, Bobbie. May your days be filled with good friends, special foods and not a little vodka as you make toasts around the table.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Judy Seltzer-Dietz says :

    I love reading about all you are doing….. and seeing pictures….. So sorry I’m not sure / nor did I try to ask your address soon enough to send you a Merry Christmas Card… so here it is… didn’t want you to think I am not thinking of you and sending my love and best wishes….. Love, Judy

  3. Marc T. Boucher says :

    That is terrific! So pleased that this project has become a concrete reality! You certainly worked countless hours to get it off the ground! Congratulations to all involved. Have a great holiday season. Joyeux Noël et Bonne année de moi.

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